Welcome To Eating Well, By Yourself, Even If You’re Hitched

So, hey, I’m married. But most of my adult life, I was single, and I always struggled with fixing food. I’m kind of lazy, though I like to cook. I don’t like doing dishes, though I like eating off of them. And while I always thought of myself as being competent in the kitchen, the thought of saving or, yech, freezing those extra portions in my mismatched plastic containers was just too much. Too much thought, too much work, and I’m not a big fan of leftovers, anyway.

Enter the fast food joint. Enter the expanded hip joint. Enter the larger pair of pants.

Fast food is great when you’re single, and my guess is that while the restaurants have given this little thought, they never really knew what kind of audience they were capitalizing on. Quick, easy food, convenience, throwaway containers, and nearly 100 million single people in the United States are easy targets. Because how many times do we go to the store to buy food that is pre-measured for 4 or more servings? How many times do we look at the back of the chocolate chip bag and wonder who in their right single mind would make five dozen of these little morsels of heaven? Who caters to the great population of single adults in America?

That’s right: Nobody, except for fast food. And if you’ve seen “Supersize Me,” then you know that fast food is, shall we say, a little less than healthy. And if you haven’t seen it, that’s perfectly fine, that’s what this blog is for. Easy to digest information on how to eat, but more importantly, time-saving tips and tricks and recipes for single people, and those who eat singly.

Single people are discriminated against, pure and simple, mostly because we have this notion that everybody needs somebody. Maybe, maybe not, but it doesn’t change the fact that during some part of their lives, nearly everybody is single, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. So, if I want to eat out, it’s potentially expensive or unhealthy or both. If I want to eat in, then cookbooks and supermarkets aren’t meant for little old me. (Unless you count frozen dinners, which by all accounts are another bastion of health. And always so tasty, just like the picture on the front of the box. Mm, a soggy corn dog, am I right?) Cookbooks and supermarkets are geared toward the average, just like fast food, but 100 million people in the U.S. don’t fall under those guidelines, and are left in the drive-thru lane holding a frozen skillet dinner that feeds two or more.

Those who eat singly are people like me, people who have partners, but who often don’t eat the same things, or follow the same diet. You’re eating Paleo, and they’re eating Low-Fat. Maybe the family is focused on a protein plan, while you want to veg out. Maybe you’re a carnivore while they use pasta as a lifesaving flotation device. The end result is a need for recipes that cater to one, rather than two or more. They should be easy, and quick, and tasty. And they shouldn’t end up in plastic containers that sit back in your freezer, unused, unloved, and eventually, thrown out.

Finally, it’d be nice if the recipes you got weren’t gonna send you downriver to the mouth of diabetes and heart disease. While they won’t entirely cut out sugar, I’ve tried to make the entries something you could proudly wave in front of your doctor. To that end, some of these blog entries will have to do with how food works, and how to make it work for you. We’ll talk about sugar (Eek! Yum!), fat (How It Got There and How To Get It Off), carbs (The Poor Man’s Food), and exercise (Not To Be Confused With Weight Loss). Don’t worry, the entries will (usually) be much shorter than this one, and many of them will be recipes, so here’s to enjoying your food, one serving at a time.

Please, pull up a computer, and let’s get cooking!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome To Eating Well, By Yourself, Even If You’re Hitched

    • Thanks for the reminder! I’ve taken a pic of the first meal, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and put them in the posts. I’m new to this, so any layout issues are mine, but hope you enjoy them.

  1. Thanks for the no noodles tip. I love sauce but hate the taste & texture of pasta. It never occurred to me to use zucchini.

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